What makes these products unique?
Not only does the “two lip system” prevent drips and spills, they are handcrafted and beautifully designed.

What are the features of the containers?
The “two lip system” makes pouring liquids controlled and drip-free. The amount of liquid dispensed flows according to the size of the bottle. Plus, the finishes of the materials withstand everyday use. All parts are detachable for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe.

What are bottles made of?
Hand-blown glass, hand-finished to perfection. The easy-to-fit pourers are SAN plastic. The caps are ABS plastic (Verte) and polypropylene plastic (Lola).

How do you clean the bottles?
Bottle parts are detachable for easy cleaning. We recommend hand washing, but they are dishwasher safe. You can also use salt, rice, or bottle cleaning beads along with a bottle brush.

Why is the decanter shaped differently?
The angle of the mouth and the shape of the bottle have been carefully designed to optimize the oxygenation of wines, allowing the wine to breathe (aerate), release its flavors, and come to life.

Who produces the products?
The containers are produced by artisans in Spain.

Where are the products available?
Sold at selected retailers and online at noroshop.com.

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